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Roooollleee Ccaaallllllll

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Rudy, glad to see ya here brother. Hope your feeling well. Wasn't trying to undercut you, Just tried to get the ball started for ya!

Hey, I didn't even know there was a new site till a couple of days ago, hell, I don't expect and preferential treatment. If you guys decide to hold another election, it wouldn't hurt my feelings, after all it IS a new site.

Hope ya didn't mind I used your picture, but I figured you'd be glad to see it up there too.

Picture? Where?

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Allen, TX (few miles north of Dallas)

2001 Ford Taurus SE ; 144K miles


Under drive pulley , with A/C bypass (stuck clutch)

Dual Exhaust with no muffler or resonator ( with high quality chrome tips)

Autolite 104 - Copper Core spark plugs (Colder than stock for Nitrous)

Short ram intake (Spectre short cone)

ZEX Dry kit nitrous system with 5lb blackout bottle (25-55 shot)

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TCCA's resident asshole, and Southern Chapter Pres...... not that that means very much with no actual "club" in effect. None the less, I'm here mutherfrackers!!!! :blah:

Current rides:

1989 Escort LX - Lemonscort - TFGSA

1993 Taurus GL - BBBBoB or da Bruise

2003 Taurus SES - GHOST

Current project:

1993 Taurus SHO - Sniper SHO

**check siggy for links.**

You wanna rassle for resident asshole? :P

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Meet ya half way............. thinking of Branson Missouri for the 2011 meet, rassle ya then.

Wow, I haven't been to Branson in years! I think the last time I was there was around 92. Drove out to Wichita to visit my then brother in law, who was stationed there in the AF. Spent a couple of days in Branson on the way out, and on the way back we spend a couple of days in Nashville.

I bet Branson's a lot different now!

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Not sure where Missouri would fit in, but I was in Columbia for school, for the SHOforum that'd put me in the St Louis area but since the nearest TCCA groups seem to be either in MN, or Chicago, I'm gonna throw myself here. In any case I'll be living in Springfield, MO starting this fall, so if anyone is in the area and see a red Mark VIII running around that may be me.

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I finally moved my happy butt over here from TCCA.

Chris Lowder, Houston, 23

'01 White Taurus SE V-6 with some SEL parts, '03 parts, and electrical/audio junk thrown in.

'07 Gray Fusion SE I-4 avg. 27.5 mpg.

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The Deep South checkin in...finally found ya'll

Daniel Krueger


Boaz, Al

1990 SHO (mine)

2001 SEL Duratec Black on Grey ( the wife's)

1998 Chevy Venture...what I'm stuck driving till the SHO gets fixed LOL

Holy crap my sig's too big! LOL

ok, that's better :P

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