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How To Change Brakes On A Taurus

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Just thought this might be useful for those who spend $200+ to get brakes done somewhere instead of buying pads for 40-80 bucks and spending maybe 30 minutes at most doing it yourself. This is for front brakes on all Taurus and Sables.

What you need:

Socket set "metric"

19mm for your lug nuts or breaker bar

(I forget the size for you caliper will update)

Medium sized C-clamp

New brake pads

1) break loose your lug nuts with a 19mm before jacking the car up. Just loosen them. Don't take them off.


2) jack the car up I prefer one side at a time. Here's a good location on gen 3s and 4s but should be the same location on all cars. This is also when you would put a jack stand in and place you tire once off under the bumper close to the wheel well if you want for safety.


3) there are two bolts to loosen that release the caliper



Once out the caliper comes right off the pads sometimes bringing the pads with it. Sometimes the pads stay on the caliper. Both are ok.


Do not let the caliper hand by the brake hose! Support it somewhere not in your way where it won't fall


4) the pads simply pull right off


5) set the new pads in place


6) using a c-clamp tighten just enough to pun the cylinder in flush with the wall of the caliper. Pads wear down over time and this makes it so you get the same performance with new pads and halfway worn pads so it applies the same pressure


7) the caliper should basically slide right over the pads in place. Put the bolts back in and tighten down


8) put the tire back on and tighten the lugs on. Not all the way though. I just use a socket with 6" extension and tighten them by hand. Lower the car and tighten lugs all the way as you please. Torque wrench, 4way, I just use my 19mm socket and 3/4" ratchet. Go in a 5 point star pattern to apply even pressure of the rim on the rotor. Check 2-3 times and move on to the next side which is exactly the same.

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Two things here....

1. When you push the piston back in with the caliper, make sure you have loosened the master cylinder cap. Lots of places will take it upon themselves to "top up" fluids for whatever reason, and if your brakes are really worn, the fluid will be low. But the fluid is actually all hanging out on the piston chamber of the caliper. So, when you start pushing the piston back in, that fluid will back up back into the master cylinder. If you have added fluid beforehand, you can also siphon some off to avoid making a mess. If brake fluid backs up out of the master cylinder, hit it quick with brake spray, else it will eat off paint that it drips on underhood.

2. Before you drive the car, be sure to pump the brakes a few times. After pushing the caliper back in, you will need to re-seat the brakes before driving it. I have seen a few guys hop right in, and s**t their pants when they hit the brake, and they got nothing for the first few pumps while they are moving.


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Oh yeah. That some important info I left out. Thanks Zorin. I'll edit my post with that when I get back to civilization. I've done the "oh s**t where are my breaks before"!! Lol

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