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Does Your Inspection Station Drive Your Vehicle?


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  1. 1. Does your inspection station drive your vehicle?

    • Yes, it's state law
    • Yes. MIght not be law, but they do.
    • No
    • Over my dead body
    • Never paid attention. I wouldn't know.
    • My state doesn't inspect

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Minnesota used to require emissions inspections for cars 1976 and newer that were five or more years old, only in the 8 counties surrounding the Twin Cities. They didn't drive it, IIRC it was just a tailpipe sniffer, and they were done at state-operated inspection stations, not service shops so there wasn't anybody trying to get repair business off of it.

They started it in '91 and repealed it in '99. I don't see it coming back anytime soon.

some of the cars i have seen in this state are down right scary to think people are driving them around. but i hope no state inspections end up coming around... just wait until obd3 comes out there will be no need for inspections anymore.

if you have not heard of OBDIII yet look it up everyone, It is going to be way diferent and Im not sure I will like it...

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As a former Texas State Inspector, yes, we did drive your cars, and frankly, some of them, we'd have preferred not to.

The sole reason for the "road test", which we conducted on the back lot of the shop, was to test braking performance. Had some fun there......like the rusted out Pontiac Bonneville that blew a brake hardline, and the pedal hit the floor, and I subsequently hit a telephone pole at roughly 18 MPH with it. The owner was pissed. My exact words....

"Well.....you fail the braking portion of the test, and I'm afraid I cannot continue with the inspection until you repair the vehicle."

"You totaled the car!"

"Yes, and very likely did you a BIG favor. Please see the cashier. NEXT! (Nervous owner walks up) Your car has functional brakes, right?"

Then there was the guy that brought in the Nissan Hardbody with tires so bald you could see the air in them. Went through the whole inspection, and failed him for the tires.

"Can't pass it right now, your rear tires are beyond showing wear bars, getting close to showing steel belting. Get some tires, bring it back, and I'll slap a sticker on it."

"Well, I was just on my way to get tires."

"Good. You are STILL on your way to get tires. Just whip through here on the way BACK, and I'll fix you up."

He pulled a gun on me, a damn gun! Points it right on my face.

"I want that sticker now."

"Hmmmm....Smith and Wesson 5906 semi-automatic, 9 millimeter, stainless finish, nice. You going to shoot me with that ******* thing, or you just going to show it to me? Killing someone over an inspection sticker is pretty stupid, do you not think? s**t, man, there's not even any money involved."

He went to jail over that, and we never saw him, or his Nissan Hardbody again.

Then there was the woman with the BMW.

"Yes, ma'am, I need your keys, and your proof of financial responsibility."

"Are you going to drive my car?"

"Yes, ma'am, I'm required to, legally, to inspect the brakes."

"I'm not letting you drive my fifty thousand dollar BMW. The brakes are fine."

"Fair enough, as you wish. (I wrote the rejection form) You fail. Please see the cashier."

Ah, fun times.


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As a former Texas State Inspector, yes, we did drive your cars, and frankly, some of them, we'd have preferred not to. Had some fun there.


Ah, fun times.


I expected nothing less from this post. :ph34r: The wrath of Zorin strikes again!

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OMG OBD III is like the AntiChrist of transportation






Looks like I'm going to have to keep my 78 and the Blue Bull running forever. Need to start looking for parts vehicles and buy the back 40 to store them.

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I'm in PA and they do drive it around the block to make sure the wheels aren't going to fall off. laugh.gif I guess its ok, I'd rather they not drive it around because I usually already

know the status of the car anyhow. I know what needs replacing now and what can wait a little. Check the ball joints and tie-rods and things at home. Of course I can't check the

emissions but not overly concerned with that if the car is in tune and running good.

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I live on the stateline of Mississippi and Tennessee. In Mississippi they check: windsheild, tires, wipers, lights, blinkers, mirrors, & tint. no emissions test. I actually just got caught by a road block and was ticketed for expired sticker ( only 3 years expired :rolleyes: ) the only cops that can pull you over, or give you a ticket for it, are staties.

Right accross the street, however, in TN. they only check emissions on <2007 vehicles. and you are not required to have a sticker.

neither parts of the states im in drive the vehicles. (that would just not work in memphis)

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In PA, which i believe has the most strict inspections ever. They take it for a drive at least a mile or two.

My guys make me pull it into the bay, check the lights, check the tread on the tire(sometimes), and hand me a sticker.

I bring all my cars to them including my brothers sometimes. They know we maintain our stuff. They haven't lifted my SHO in 3 years and I've owned it for 4. They only ever get inside to put the new sticker on. Hell, they didn't even lift my Caprice last year.

Though I have a feeling they're going to go over my Tbird as the most recent inspection is almost 2 years old.

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No inspections here in Wisconsin ^_^

Not quite true...... The 4 counties in SE WI have E tests. Up until about 3 years ago, all cars from 75 on (or was it 78 on, I forget) got tested every 2 years. Pre 96 were a Cali style roller dyno IM240 test, and 96 and up was (is) the OBDII PCM "interrogation" for IM monitors complete, etc. Currently, only 96+ are tested.

SE WI never had anything other than an emissions test. They didnt care if you came in with a spiderwebbed windshield, 4 bald tires, 2 broken headlights, broken springs, loose tie rods, no brake lights and schreeching brakes. As long as the engine was burning clean, you passed.

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Heck here in TN if your vehicle was made in 1985 or odler you can get Antique Auto plates!! They are PERMENANT and NEVER need renewal!!! :blink:

But you can only drive on public roads from April until October and that really sucks IMO.

Ask me how I know this :)

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When I lived in one of the counties in OH that required emissions testing, e-check, the facility we went to drove all 2wd vehicles, no matter if it was OBD 1 or 2. Because put my 02 LeSabre on the rollers after I bought it, as well as our 97 E150 always was driven on the rollers too.

And depending on which bay you pulled into, when it was put on the rollers, they either went nice and easy or flogged the hell out of the car.

When we first moved back to Ohio, my dad was getting our 95 Escort e-checked and the car in front of ours, which was an mid 80s t-bird, blew up on the rollers, the engine was screaming for mercy then it made a loud bang, shuddered and stopped. They put the Escort in another bay and they flogged the hell out of that car, and my dad told them that if our car blew up, there would be hell to pay...

When they tested my 95 SE, they did not push the car really hard, just took it up to 25, held it and stopped, but when they tested my LeSabre, I heard the engine screaming for life. My dad also had his truck tested right before me and they didn't drive it as hard either and not as long as my car was on the rollers. I confronted him about it.

Me: "Is there a specific reason why you are trashing my new car?

He replied, "We aren't running the car that hard, chill out"

Me: "Then why are you running the car up to redline and holding it there? I have had cars tested here before and they never were driven this hard, what did your tech do, lock the car in first like a total idiot?"

HIm: "Well it is standard procedure."

Before I could answer, my dad chimed in.

Dad: "Well sir, that is bull, you didn't drive my car anywhere near as hard as his, and it wasn't on anywhere near as long. And I seriously doubt a 2002 Buick with 64k miles has more emission problems than a 1995 Dodge with 165K miles."

Him: "We'll pull the car off now and finish testing."

Me: "Good"

Obviously the car passed with no issues, but they used almost an 1/8 of a tank of gas during it's run on the rollers.

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The person who sold me my Taurus (you know who you are) had inspections in his state. The check engine light had been on for quite awhile, the code always came back that it was emission problem (catalytic converter?) Anyways I started running "No Ethanol" gas and the light disappeared, so who knows it's probably in the clear. Doesn't matter anyhow. Tennessee doesn't inspect.

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OK OK you got me, HOW DO YOU KNOW? :ph34r:


Was my dad's pride and joy. I will end up with it most likely when I have a place to put it.

Ok I need a 6 car garage :)

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The person who sold me my Taurus (you know who you are) had inspections in his state. The check engine light had been on for quite awhile, the code always came back that it was emission problem (catalytic converter?) Anyways I started running "No Ethanol" gas and the light disappeared, so who knows it's probably in the clear. Doesn't matter anyhow. Tennessee doesn't inspect.

The check engine bulb is probably blown where I drove it so long like that :blink:

Congrats on joining the board! At least I know the full list of modifications to that Taurus without even looking at it :lol:

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My other favorite inspection story.......

Texas also likes to check your emissions on the fly. They have some sort of van rigged with a detection device that can read your car's exhaust plume as you fly by, and then if you are an offender, they will ask you to kindly to come in for a check.

Of course, anything older than 24 years old is exempt, so I figured I would have some fun at their expense. (Machausta's pic of the Malibu reminded me of this)

I had a buddy who had a couple of old Chevy's, and lo and behold, a testing van happened to be just up the highway from his place.

What a great day to take the '49 Deluxe for a ride.

So, I borrow his pristine '49 Chevy Deluxe, and set out for the van, with an evil smirk. I get there, and pull over in front of the van, and then back right up to them, maybe 10 feet away. With a giggle like a school girl, I yank the choke all the way out, and floor the Chevy, nearly engulfing the van in black smoke, with the stench of unburned hydrocarbons so strong, the flick of a Bic within 10 feet would have probably "WHOOOOFED" it.

"Yeah, smog check THAT, b***hes!"

Best set of spark plugs I ever did buy.


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