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Good morning, I’m new to this forum and my brother has a 96 Mercury Sable.  Last fall we worked on replacing the heater core with the guidance of a UTube video.  Overall the video was very helpful in showing how its done but could not help me with my fumble fingers with the delicate plastic lever components of the damper door lever mechanism. I broke some plastic pieces that work the dampers for vent vs defrost.  I’ve been trying to search the web on any diagrams available on the components to understand how they are assembled and what I need to order to replace what I broke.  I would much rather do this rather than try to repair whats there.  We got the old heater core out and new one back in ok, it was the reconnecting of the damper door components that I broke off a small connection to a lever a wire cable connected to.  Anybody have any diagrams of this or idea of what I’m trying to describe?





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