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Picked up a barn find - Whats the top 10 things i should look at or repair/replace first

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Recently purchased a 92 SHO from a guy who had it in his barn for 5 years... got her running, and back home. besides the obvious stuff (oil,brake fluid, coolant, Power steering fluid) what else is common to go bad from sitting around too long?

planned maintenance


Clutch/TO bearing/pilot bearing


fuel filter

air filter 

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Check most of the rubber stuff. Currently going through a car that sat for at least a year or two. Many of the bushings are showing signs of age or are seriously deteriorated.

Also, as funny as it sounds, check idler/tensioner pulleys. Those really don't like sitting either apparently. I wound up with a squeaky accessory drive after about an hour of run time on this particular vehicle, and after taking off the belt, the pulleys were very worn and sounded like maracas if you shook them. 


Nice to hear a SHO is coming back! Definitely an uncommon bird these days. Keep us posted as you get it going and, please, if you've got questions, drop 'em here. This ain't the most active place, but we still try and check in with folks as we can. :)

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