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So first post and it seems pretty dumb, but I cant seem to find anything that tells me where the parking brake wire for this 08 Taurus is located. 

I'm trying to finish hooking up my after market head unit and the last thing I need to do is run the wire from the head unit to the parking brake wire. I just can't find it! 

Thanks in advance if someone is able to help! 

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Are you trying to get the screen to work to play video?  If so,  that wire is just looking for a ground.  You can ground it to your chassis ground.  Of course it will play video at any time if hooked up that way.  The parking brake ground is used to limit the use of playing video while driving as it will only allow video when the parking brake is engaged.  It is highly illegal to play video while driving.  So, know that before you choose to tie that wire into the chassis ground.  It will work that way though.

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