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2000 Taurus (OHV) bouncing at idle

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I have a 2000 Taurus (OHV).

Description  of the Problem:

When the gear is in park, the car bounces up and down and the RPM fluctuates between 600-1200 and sometimes revs to 2200.

When I press on the gas, the bouncing and fluctuation is not noticeable

The exhaust muffler and tailpipe makes popping sounds (no smoke visible).

The computer gives a P03101 and P0305 fault codes (cylinder 1 and 5 misfire). The OBD readings are attached.

Maintenance history:

March 2014 - Replaced the camshaft synchronizer

December 2018 - Replaced spark plugs and wires (did NOT replace coil)

March 2019 - Replaced water pump, radiator, and transmission fluid

The car is 5000k miles overdue for an oil change.


Any suggestions on where to begin?



2000 Taurus Torque Lite 5_19_20.jpg

2000 Taurus Torque Lite 5_19_20 (2).jpg

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Usually when I think of a weird, loping idle, I'd start looking at the idle air control valve being dirty or sticking, along with a throttle position sensor being out of range.

Another thought could be the EGR valve sticking open at idle. That'll also cause the engine to run poorly since it should really be only doing its thing at cruise.

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Misfire on 1-5. You have 3 coils in the pack. 1 & 5 share the same coil. Highly likely bad coil, one coil or connection. 

Fix what is wrong first, then look for other issues.


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