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Hello all. 

Sorry the forum went down for a few. And sorry I have not been on as much. Being a full time student and student teacher is not easy... 

Anyway, with that said. I want to share with everyone that the forum has been fixed, but I am not updating much right now. Here's where we are at: 

Invision (This forum software) is expired. So I cannot update the license. The cost for that appears to be $25 for 6 months. 

Next, is our domain (taurusowners.com) - That is $12 per year. This expires on June of 2020.

Next, is our hosting service. it appears that is $5 per month. 


From what I can tell, those are our costs. So, yearly operations is about $122 a year, of course, with taxes, I am going to say about $130. 

I will maintain this site as best as I can, but I am a poor college student, I can't afford to do much other than volunteer. 

There's a donate button at the top of the page if you are inclined to donate. If I see donations pour in, I will continue to maintain the site as I do now. 

If you are interested in helping grow the site, let me know, I can use extra volunteers. 

Otherwise, the current state of the forum is, once we run out of money, the lights will go dark. I will try to keep more up-to-date information to everyone here. As always, one of the forum administrators can be reached at taurusowners AT gmail.com. 

I love our community, but forums do not appear to be the future which does make me sad. 


Questions, concerns, comments, please leave them below! 

As always, 
Thank you!

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Kevin, Donation made. It should be enough for another year. Let me know if it came through okay.

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It did! We appreciate it and will definitely help the forum live longer! :)

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