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How to renew car audio on my Mercury Sable 93

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Hello everybody,

I have decided to spread out this messege, because I need help, after long and careful screening internet resources.

Mercury Sable 93 owners please give me a call. A few months ago I started renovation of my Sable GS sedan 93, and I want to make it as it was.

It has no factory radio anymore, I want to find  a model, which fits Sable 93, or at least fits Gen-2,  there are some examples on eBay, but all information is not to understand, 

is that the right one or not.

My car has 2 speakers in doors, and 2 on back shelf, so it means standart sound, no premium, and I think, there were two flat wiring harneses, black and grey, so I guess. They are gone, sure

I have found wires by colours, they fit the diagram, only I have Drk Green/ black instead of Red,

Can somebody tell me, how to find the right part number of  OEM Ford AM FM radio cassette, to install it like it was original

I need to be it original, in fact this is the single thing missing, some tiny pieces more, but in general car is in full complete condition, soon will be

Please give me advice, how to install power antenna, was it original on Gen-2 models, because I think I have found wire connector for power antenna.

By the way, I have discovered many unused, free wire connectors around the body and engine, it means there is something connected on other models or so

Can I install power antenna from 86-91 Taurus, I think there is no difference

I would be very thankful to hear helpful, or at least direction to go

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