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TCS Light and Brake Aussie 2012 Ford Taurus

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2012 Ford Taurus Limited

73,000 miles

Randomly yesterday the yellow TCS light came in and stayed in.  Car was acting and handling fine. I shut the car off and turned it back on, light was gone.

Today, car did the same thing, but this time when I tried to restart the car I put my foot on the break and press the start engine button and it acted like my foot was not on the break. It kept telling me to put my foot on the break to start the car. It simply wouldn’t let me start the car.

I ended up having to lock the doors using the remote (while I was inside it) and use the remote start to start the car (while I was inside it) and then I was able to push the button to keep the car going.  TCS might was odd when the car was restarted.

Thoughts?  TCS brain dying or dead?  Speed sensor dead?  ABS dead?  I don’t know if there is a separate ABS light on this car or not, but the only light that keeps coming back on is the TCS light. (Car icon with the two squiggly lines behind it located to the left of the temperature gauge on my instrumentation panel on my 2012 Ford Taurus Limited.

Ill probably take it to the Ford dealer to be diagnosed, but thought I’d ask for thoughts here, since I have no idea when Ford will be able to get me in!






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