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AX4N knocking?

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Hi everyone. I have a '99 Continental with the AX4N. Car has about 87k miles. I'm posting here as the actual Continental site I'm usually on is basically dead. Since more people here seem to be knowledgeable with the AX4N and most AX4N hits come back to older posts here, figured it was a good place to start.


Anyhow, I've developed a "knock" that seems to be coming from the trans area. I've tried a long rubber hose up to the ear and oil pan is quiet, heads are quiet, block is quiet, but to the right bottom corner of the side pan for the valve body on the trans, it seems to sound more pronounced (basically the casting area). Very hard to pinpoint the location, other than it seems to be the trans. No CEL. Originally, it would only do it in D, R, or P. N was quiet and free-revving in N didn't make it knock. It was easier to hear when near something the sound could bounce back, like in a drive thru, road barrier, etc.. On some rare occasions, it'll go completely silent regardless. Been doing it for about a year, but car hasn't seen that many miles in that time span. It shifts OK, but can be lazy kicking down out of OD to 3, like when starting up a small, longer hill, it wants to stay in OD even though RPMs are too low for it (like almost 1200 rpm and still in OD) but manually forcing 3rd it'll kick down.

About a year ago, had it flushed, then fresh fluid with new filter. Sound started within 500 miles of that.

As of now, the knocking seems to be getting more pronounced. I can hear it with the windows up. It will knock a little quicker in frequency when accelerating harder, but not quite the same as an actual main bearing knock from my own experience, and it doesn't get louder with higher rpms. It's not quiet in Neutral now, but is still quieter than P, D, or R.

Any ideas?

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