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GEM Module Chimes Differently

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Good day all.

I have a 1999 Ford Taurus, 3.0 Vulcan. Recently, the GEM module has began to chime, but it is different than the usual door chime or key chime. I am unable to find any information about a different chime. 

The chime sounds all the time other than when the door is open or when the start chime is going through it's cycle. The door open chime overrides this problematic chime. Once the door is closed the problematic chime starts. Key off engine off, i hear the problem chime. key on engine off, i hear the problem chime. key on engine running i hear the problem chime. The only time the chime stops is when I disconnect the battery or the GEM module. The chime is different. The rapid chime with a higher pitch tone for the door has stayed the same. The new problem chime has a repetition of on off on once per second, never ceasing. I have pulled the ignition switch and the problem chime is still sounding. I've crawled under the dash and there are no obvious indicators for malfunction (no loose/broken wiring, no obvious corrosion, nothing that appears damaged physically, all fuses checked with DVOM with proper voltages observed under dash and under hood...) All the windows, door locks, dome light, headlights, power driver seat, radio, instrument cluster, hazard lights, .....everything I can manipulate, works and functions as I think it should minus the air conditioner, which I will describe below.

The car belongs to my Dad, and he drives it daily. He asked me to look at the A/C after it quit cooling. The compressor failed and I have since replaced the compressor, cycle switch, pressure switch, orifice tube and accumulator. The car was parked over the summer until I could work on it (I'm generally booked a few months and have little time to do car repairs so I'm finally afforded the time to help Dad). Dad told me that the he noticed the chime a couple of weeks ago when he was doing just a start and run to keep the car run able. So, the car has basically sat in the garage for a month and then outside for about a month. Prior to the air conditioning failure the car has only had minor problems that I would consider routine wear and tear. The car has 100k miles, never wrecked other than a bump and a ding here and there. 

Any possible leads would be greatly appreciated. I have a list of all the components controlled/monitored by the GEM, but I do not have a schematic for all 3 connectors on the GEM. Still hunting and pecking as they say. I've looked for anything that I can check and have left a few thing out in my description of work performed, I'm sure, but I know that I'm overlooking something probably as well.

Still totally baffled by the chime sound and frequency difference. It doesn't seem to indicate a coded frequency.

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Thanks to all who have looked or considered a solution. I was hesitant to point my finger at the GEM itself for two reasons: I felt it was unlikely to be the culprit since it exhibited only one symptom, and lastly, it's kind of a small booger to remove. 

While waiting on a response here, I took it out anyway and removed the PCB assembly from it's enclosure and there was some severe corrosion of the soldered joints and likely some shorts between circuit traces and solder joints. A good scrub with a toothbrush and shop air to remove lingering dust fixed it up. All is well now.

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