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I have two Tauruses, an 03 and an 05, both with 3.0 Vulcans.  The transmission in the 03 went out a couple of weeks ago.  I found out that it's a common occurrence for the splines to shear and that the rebuild is very expensive.  The car has 250K miles and the front end has a lot of slack in it so I don't think I'll dump too much money in it.  The 05 engine with about 125K dumped all the water out of the coolant system into the oil pan.  I  looked at the gaskets and didn't find any indications of leaks anywhere then looked at the heads but didn't see any indications of cracks.  I decided that I wasn't going to put any money into that block since I couldn't find any leaks up top.  So my question is, will the engine from the 03 fit the bell housing on the transaxle from the 05.  If they will mesh up I can put some time and money into the 03 engine so I will at least have one working Taurus.  I plan on pulling both engines when it cools down a bit.  It's still too hot down here in south central Louisiana to want to work on them when it's not absolutely necessary for the moment.  


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Thanks. I plan on replacing the torque converter in the good transmission and possibly rebuilding the good engine. Do you know where the best place to get a torque converter from that won’t have been made in Canada?  I’m guessing they probably got their issue fixed by now though.  

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