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Hello current and former Taurus / Sables owners once again I'm here to ask some much needed questions. Only electrical questions. I'm doing a lot of mods to my 97 Sho and  I need your help to finish it.

A little  later I am going to make a build log to show my process and completion.

I have remove the battery sometime ago and removed the floor shift. At the moment I'm at work and not near my car.

1 I'm installing a backup cam in the rear of the car and would like to know which  is the reverse wire  or wiring color.

2 For the 3rd brake light I need to know which is the positive and negative wires so i can install  my gen 4 Taurus leds.

3 Where should the resistor be put on the gen 4 led 3rd brake light board. 

4 Installing  a gentex 453 mirror that has auto dim, compass homelink and I want to wire it to the A pillar wiring. I need to know which wires are constant switches and negative. 

5 I was on  v8sho forum and read  there was a unused 12 volt plug  in the dash. Has anyone used this plug. I removed  a switch from a gen 3 wagon and only want to use the connector.  This is because I  want  to wire it  to my wireless charger.  Does anyone  know the wire polarity  of the unused 12 volt  plug.

6 I have a 96 cluster  from a Sho and plug and wiring for the led shift indicator lights. I would like to know how can I wire it so the cluster and floor  shift  read the same.

7 Can a 96 degas tank and washer fluid tank both with sensors  be wired to my 96 sho cluster in the 97 sho. How  would this be done and wired to the cluster.

8 How to wire the oem under dash courtesy lights in a car that doesn't have  them.

9 How do you  wire Lincoln nav power folding  mirror switch to the door for the Ghia mirrors.

10  If I got front  door panel wiring harnesses from a 96 Sable  with the key pad and  courtesy door lighting is it plug and play.

11 What is an easy way to replace door led with a different  color. I ordered  to led bulb sizes 5 mm and 3mm.

12 Will my power antenna still work if I use my carpc instead of factory  rcu.

13 How to install an antenna  switch. 

14  Can I remove factory rcu without  having problems.

Any help  would  be greatly  appreciated. 

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