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I have a Gen 3 Taurus and I want a new steering wheel with steering wheel controls. I want a wheel that is lighted, has cruise control, tilt, and radio buttons.(climate controls would be a plus). The steering  wheel need to come from a car or truck with floor shift.

I need the radio buttons because I  am installing a carpc and would like to use to control  it.

I would like to find a Ford steering wheel since I drive a Ford. If I cant mod the new steering wheel to the existing  steering column I would need a wheel and column  that would fit in the gen 3.

Does anyone have any suggestions  on what type of car or truck that  I can get a steering wheel and column from.


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I think you're out of luck.

The gen 3 clockspring just doesn't have that many wires coming off of it to control the radio and climate control.


I suppose if there is a bluetooth wheel that could transmit to a module?

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Just a hypothesis, but the steering wheel from a Crown Vic/Grand Marquis has the controls, not sure about fitment, but I at least theorized that Ford's controls were pretty standard across the board and should control the applications of the car. 

I never went further with this since I sold my Taurus. Would need to do a lot of modifications to do it. 

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What year Crown Victoria would I be looking for. Did the Vic have a column or a floor shift. If the Vic has a column  shift maybe I can a delete the column shift  and patch up the hole.

For the radio controls on the steering I'm using a joycon exe to use the button like a keyboard  for the carpc.(On off vol up down switch other funtions on PC)

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