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Cranks fine, after warm up things get interesting

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1994 Ford Taurus V6 3.8L. A quick rundown of what is going on. It cranks fine. But after I'm warms up the rpms in idle go above 1000 (Normal they are just below) and the check engine light comes on. When I press the accelerator the engine bogs down and it smells like it is running super rich. Things that have been changed New plugs, New distributor cap and rotor, New fuel filter, New idle air control valve, New engine coolant sensor, New egr valve, New fuel pressure regulator, New o2 sensors. Cleaned the mass air flow sensor, cleaned the throttle body. I forgot to mention in my original post that the engine cooling fan kicks in immediately when the key is in the on position. I was reading that it could be the pcu/ecu because that runs the cooling fan and the fuel pump. I can hear the fuel pump kick on when the key is in the on position, so I guess that is good. I've checked all the fuses. Am I missing something? Has anyone ever heard of this before?

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Sounds like a temperature sensor. Fans on when not needed and the apparent rich condition may be because it thinks it is very cold.


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