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     I found a discussion of how to remove gas from tank, syphon block prevents usual way. I had success in pumping the gas out of my 1999 Taurus.

    First, take a piece of solid #14 insulated wire about 4 inches long and strip half inch of insulation at each end. Then hammer the wire ends flat to about 1/32 inch.

    Second, remove the fuel line from the front of the fuel filter and install a piece of fuel hose about two feet long with a hose clamp and put it in a fuel can to receive the fuel. . Do not loose the fuel filter hose clip.

    Third, find and remove the fuel pump relay in the relay centre under the hood. Then bridge the two big connections in the relay plug and the fuel pump will start to pump out the tank. Have enough empty fuel cans to get it all. The relay has power to it all the time, no need to turn on ignition when you bridge the terminals. The three little terminals energize the relay to turn on power across the two bigger terminals. Be careful not to run battery down too far to avoid having pump work too hard. It took me about 25 minutes to pump out 5 gallons of fuel. Be careful with fuel cans and no smoking.. Sadly this method will do no good if you have a bad fuel pump that needs replacing. Works fine if pump works and you need to drop tank. Bill Frisk

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I removed the front hose from the filter, pushed a hose on it and other end in a gas can. Hot wired to the pump side of the inertia switch. Used a jumper battery. No pressure there so no clamping needed.

Was a wagon so the switch was in the back behind the door.



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