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     I need replacement rotors for my 1999 Wagon with ABS Brakes. I tried replacing them last year but the new rotors had a deeper offset and hit the calipers when wheel lug nuts were tightened. Tried ordering twice from two different auto stores and they all sent the same too deep rotors, so I had to just put them on again. Part number indicated it was for ABS equiped car. Looked at the rotors on my non ABS parts wagon and they had the same offset. The car was Chicago built and sold in Canadian Maritime Provinces  when new.

    Has anybody else had this problem or found a solution? I decided adding washers as spacers would be a bad idea as it required too many to get the clearance in the caliper for the pads. WFrisk

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Here's the master list of rotors from Rockauto.com. I randomly picked the DOHC engine, not sure what you have or if it mattered.


Start one at a time and open the info page to check specs. Maybe you'll get lucky. Otherwise, I hate to say it, but it might be a Ford dealer that could help you.

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Looking at the parts catalog at work, it’s showing a singular rear brake rotor covering 1993-2007 Tauruses. It doesn’t have a wagon/sedan or a ABS/Non-ABS selection. 

To the OP, do your rotors have any numbers on them besides discard thickness? 

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This appears to be OEM Ford stuff here:


Since the 99 is so old, many parts aren't even made for it anymore.  Wow, that's too bad.  Look at all of the parts on there marked as discontinued.

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