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Gents, and Ladies ...

My real question is this ... "Can I get a 4'x8' sheet in my 2000 Taurus Wagon"  but I think I know better than to ask that.   So, instead, I will cut the sheets in half and ask, "Can I get a 4' x 4' sheet into the back of my 2000 Taurus Wagon?  The next option, cutting again to a 2' x 4' sheet is something I don't want to do, but I will if that is my only option.  I would be very happy to get some 4'x4' sheets in there.  Has anyone done that? 

Another question might be, "How do I get some 4'x8' sheets home from the store on top of the car?  Is there a secret for lashing them down?

Thanks much,






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I have hauled 4x8 sheets plywood and drywall. It only fits between the widest part of the opening so only a few sheets will go in. The hatch will not close. I use rope from the rack to the hitch and back to keep the hatch partly closed. But: there is a hardboard product that looks like 4' wide but it is a inch or so over. it will not go in.

Best of luck with that.

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