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I have a 2002 ford taures ses that I want to buy a parts car for or use as a parts car. What is the newest model of taures that has interchangable parts? Like I would like to buy at least a 2008 so I can put the newer parts on my 2002. I know mine is the 3rd generation prettt sure and the last 3rd gen is like 2004 or 2006. If anyone could please inform me what year and model I should buy for the best parts car and anything else I may want to know getting into this. 

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You have a Gen 4 car. The last year for the Gen 4 was 2007. In 2008 Ford moved to the Gen 5 which was based on the 500 platform.

A lot of the parts between Gen 3 (1996-1999) and Gen 4 are interchangeable but the newest you can get will be from '07.

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For total interchanability, the 2002 would rely on 2000-2003 parts, 2004 - 2007 introduced CANBUS systems and had different SRS, Computers, etc as they all networked. The 2003 and older didn't network. However, if you buy an 04-07, it's possible to swap the CANBUS stuff over, but you will need to swap most things in, or perform some crazy electrical work to implement different parts. 

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