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1989 Ford Thunderbird Supercoupe

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Hey all, I thought I posted a for sale, I was wrong, just gonna copy everything from TCCoA 

Hey everyone,

Due to financial constraints, I need to get rid of one of my birds. The one that was my grandmother's, that has to stay with me, I can't see myself selling that, but the fun and exciting SC, I need to sell. 

This SC has 130k miles, it drives amazingly well with its 5 Speed manual transmission. 

The previous owner had put on the Cervini's fiberglass hood, had the supercharger rebuilt, lowered it, put a custom exhaust on it, had some ignition components replaced, belt tensioners replaced, motor mounts replaced at one point in time.  

The things I had done to it in my ownership:

New Alternator (2016)
New rear calipers, parking brake cables (All 3 pieces, the handbrake cable, and 2 cables going to right and left rear caliper) (2016)
Repaired electric seatbelt for driver side (2015)
Fresh oil change as of 6/1/2017 at 130k miles 5 Quarts Motorcraft and Motorcraft Oil filter
Replaced power driver seat base (2017 - This came from a 1997 Mercury Cougar from a junkyard, it functions beautifully still)
A/C System - Replaced O Rings for compressor as old ones were leaking. Fully recharged with R-134A And runs nice and cold (2016)
Replaced camshaft position sensor (2015)
Rebuilt Ignition Control module (2015)
Mirror Switch (2017) 

It does have a Kenwood CD, AM, FM, and Auxiliary input stereo in 50x4. Just a basic head unit. 

It does not drip any oil anywhere. Carpet is in good shape, seats are ok, typical wear for an 89 leather seat. 

It does have some rust for being an 89, rockers probably have it the worst, but still solid. Undercarriage is pretty clean with minor rust here and there. Strut towers are good and solid. Front tires are good, the rear tires need replacing. 

I did make a video highlighting the car for those interested: 

Additional pictures can be viewed here: http://imgur.com/a/flusO

Make a fair offer and it is yours!

I am located in Streamwood, Illinois.

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 It’s weird, the video link you included would only reopen this exact TSOC post. Here it is in case anybody else has the same problem. Bump! 

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Everything under the hood looks exactly the way I left it. Including the same Duralast battery! Interesting how the new owner isn't posting close ups of the rear like I Did. I wonder if they did a hack job trying to fix it. 

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