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The seach for the perfect steering wheel

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I want to add lighted cruise control and radio funtions to my steering wheel.

Can I find a car simular to mine and remove the clocksping and put it on my steering column to have the funtions work. If the clockspring fit can I depin and repin the connection to the airbag horn radio and cruise funtions to work in the car.

If that will not work does anyone know of a Ford that has the same leather wrapped steering wheel as gen 3 sho but with lighted cruise controls and radio functions.  

Will a 00 - 07 taurus or a gen 5  taurus column and steering wheel fit the gen 3. Will the parts be interchangeable and or have the functions I want.

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I can tell you, a 1995 Steering wheel WILL fit on a 2005 Taurus. Now issues you might have: SRS and Cruise Control differences. Might be possible to wire the airbag in, and it might work, or it might deploy, or set an SRS error code. Best recommendation, test it all in a junkyard if you can find one that has batteries laying around. If you can power up the car, and test the SRS system in person, that's the best. 

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