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Need help locating a 96 cluster connector and wiring

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I have a 97 Sho and I bought a 96 Sho dash cluster with the transmission range selector in the cluster. I wanted to swap the clusters the only problem I have is I don't have the wiring or connector for the 96 transmission range selector to plug in. I trying to find out what cars had the same gauge cluster connectors in the the rear as the Taurus . On the cluster it is the middle connector that I need and I don't know the part # even if I tried to order it.

I was trying to upload the pic of the rear slot for the connector , but the site says I have a 2 mb limit.


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This is the rear of the cluster I am talking about and the middle slot is for the connector I need.

Once I can find the connector and add wiring, does anyone know how to wire it in so when I use the floor shift the trans range selector works in the dash cluster also.


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jc -

I got the deal of the year for you. I have a running, driving gray '96 SHO I want out of the driveway. Clean title, body has 200k on it, drivetrain closer to 100k. Welded, runs strong. Front valve cover gasket leaking a bit = smokes a bit when I fired it up last weekend.

$350.00 just come and get it. Yes, you can drive it home. I live in Lombard.

It has all the parts you want and a few other precious items too.

Like a full on JBL sound system.

Like a gray cloth interior in good shape.

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