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can adjustable brake pedals be added to gen 3 taurus

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I would like to know can I add gen 4 Taurus adjustable brake pedals to a gen 3 Taurus. If I can can I use this guide to install them 



I was on the Crown Vic website http://www.idmsvcs.com/2vmod/powerpedals/index.html and was wondering are the parts the same as in the gen 4 Taurus. By the same I mean the same types of parts that I am looking for in the gen 4 Taurus.















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To my knowledge, yes. The Gen 3 and Gen 4 have the same pedal setup. However, I Do not think the Crown Vic parts will work in the Taurus/Sable platform. Also I can't speak for the brake booster being different. I don't imagine it was, but best way to confirm is to try and fit it at a junkyard to see. 

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Ahh, yeah you would need the pedal assembly and switch basically. Grab as much wiring harness as possible to simplify the install. I'll have to fix my write up because Photobucket is a bunch of assholes sadly. But it wasn't a hard project to do. I am almost positive you'll be able to do the swap relatively easily. 

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Do I need to get the brake booster and master cylinder when I do the pedal swap.

If a brake booster is needed from the donor car do I need to get it from a duratech model. 

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