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Front wheel bearing hubs

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Well, I have a story to share.

At around 180k miles I had replace the front wheel bearing hubs on my (previous) 1996 Mercury Sable and at around 170k miles on my 2001 Ford Explorer AWD. On my current 2001 Sable I have 150 miles and they still sound good.
Those are nice, easy jobs, few bolts and done. And I figured out that any modern car must have factory sealed hubs like this...

Well, nooo!
My 2000 Hyundai Sonata doesn't, comes with bearings that need a press to be extracted. A PITA! Well, it's old, no? And it has on the rears sealed hubs at least.
My friend's 2003 Toyota Camry doesn't have hubs, just plain bearings! At 140k miles, gone! But he makes fun of my Fords...
Honda's? Nope, bearings too.
BMW 300 series? Nope.
Now my wife REALLY wanted to get a Kia Soul in place of the Sonata. Fine, got a 2011 model, 55k miles. On their forums I found out a guy with 140k miles replacing, you guess, the front bearings. Yep, no easy-peasy factory hubs, a whole PITA again! He paid $500 in SD for the job, surelly here in VA would be like $1K. And again, at least the rears are sealed hubs!

I love my Sable! Drive it every day to work (1-1/2 to 2 hours)!

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Over the almost 4 years of ownership of having my sable. I"ve done all 4 hubs. Both fronts were R&Red and the rears were swapped because rear disc conversion. I've found that popping the lower ball joint makes the job for the fronts miles easier. 

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