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New Membership Levels

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A new year is bringing big changes to the Taurus and Sable Owners' Club!

**PLEASE message me if your member level is incorrect or does not update!!!

We have completely revamped our membership levels, leaving three simple categories.

  • Registered Members
    • Any member that has completed the registration/validation process
  • Platinum Members
    • Any member who makes a lifetime total of donations equalling $25 or more
  • Centennial Members
    • Any member who has been registered for 5 years will automatically be upgraded to Centennial membership for life, without the need of a donation! Centennial membership supersedes Platinum membership and includes identical benefits.


All members now have the following features:

  • Can create and vote in member polls.
  • Can give other users ratings, and change ratings at any time.
  • Personal profile with profile photo up to "200 x 200px" and 2MB size, and cover photo up to 2MB size.
  • Unlimited private messaging with attachments allowed in messages.


Registered members receive the following permissions:

  • Cannot change display name
  • 60-second search flood control
  • Signatures: No images allowed, 2 lines of text with one hyperlink.
  • Attachments: 20MB total storage, with 2MB limit per file, with ability to delete attachments.
  • Can edit user's own content up to 5 minutes after posting.
  • No post limits, however flood control prevents multiple posts within short amounts of time.


Platinum and Centennial members receive the following benefits:

  • Can change displayed forum name once per 30 days.
  • No flood control for searches
  • Signature: 1 image up to "600 x 200px", 8 lines of text with 5 hyperlinks.
  • Attachments: 150MB total storage, with 2MB limit per file, with ability to delete attachments.
  • Can edit and hide user's own content at any time
  • Bypass flood control, meaning multiple posts are allowed without delay.
  • Never expires! Only requires a one-time donation!


Click HERE to make a donation today!


** All members who were part of a paid member group as on 01/01/2018 were automatically upgraded to a lifetime Platinum membership.

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5 hours ago, Brian_05_SEL said:

Wow, nice changes for the forum. :) 

Thanks, Brian! Just a heads up it looks like the addition of Centennial level is a slow process so if anyone believes they should have reached Centennial status, and after a few days it still hasn't applied, please send me a PM.

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