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Hi just wanted to introduce myself.  Just joined the forums.  I own 2 taurus vehicles.  One is a 2015 Sel and an 87 GL.  My 87 is mint all original certified 56000 mile vehicle.  It won tcca 2016 second qtr car of the month.  I hope to get to know you all as I'm a huge taurus fan. I hope maybe we will have a meet sometime soon so i can hang out with like minded taurus owners like me. 

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My first taurus was a 88 gl I bought for 25 dollars cause the transmission was hitting hard from 1st to 2nd.  It had a floor shifter.  I drove that car for years like that.  Well one time on my way back from Minnesota visiting family the cable for the shifter broke at a rest stop.  I had to start the car set the p brake, pop the hood and shift the transmission from under the hood and jump back in.  I went to then parkfield Ford by my house in chicago to order the cable.  They had to listing for a 88 taurus with a floor shifter.  Then began the search for a cable.  My dad and I searched for a very long time but finally after weeks we went to a junk yard in Kankakee illinois Acme pull and save had a sable with the floor shifter.  I had other issues with that car and in the end I basically ended up all but rebuilding that car.  But I bought it we were poor at the time and I had a very close bond with that car when it was all said and done.  Why maybe because I did so much to that car I developed a relationship with it.  Man and machine.  I can't have that car back I'm sure it's long gone now.  But 18 years later I started to search for another 1st gen taurus.  It had to meet 2 things.  It had to be a GL (first gens are hard to find to begin with) and to make matters even harder, a floor shifter.  Talk about next to impossible.  A few years went by and sure I saw a few but they were to far gone to be saved.  Have to remember junk yards don't have many left up here and parts in general are well.... getting thin.  After 2 plus years I get an email from auto trader and hell I get a lot of them with my searches I do all the time for all different cars.  But this one was special, this one felt special,  I opened it up and there she was!  Pics weren't good but it was there and it was a GL and there it was the floor shifter.   Even better it was just 2 hours south from me not a million miles away.  I need better pics I thought so I called them right away.  They told me the story about the car.  56000 original miles clean almost no rust at all anywhere, runs and drives great, and single owner car fax certified.  To top it off the salesman I was talking to sold the car new to the owner in 87!  Pics were sent and that weekend I drove her home.  120 miles of joy and nostalgia, and just the feeling of a long wait that has ended.  Now she's in my garage.  Is it perfect no not perfect, but damn close.  Do people see what I see. Not even near it,  Some think I'm crazy it's a 87 taurus.  I just say to them but you'll never enjoy your car like I enjoy mine.  You see she changed the automotive world,  she started a revolution that some embraced and some hated.  The most controversial car in automotive history all while saving Ford from certain demise.  She sits in my garage now.  30 years of time has past since she rolled off the assembly line and she has less road time then any other car I own even my 2015.  It made it 30 years boys and now that it's here if I can help it, it will see another 30.

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