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Back to the 80s car show

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Just wanted to give anyone interested a heads up that there will be a back to the 80s show on June 17th in the cities. I'm going to be there in the Scorpio. Would be cool to see some others there. If you want to show yours 80s vehicle make sure to pre-register soon or the spots will be filled up. I'm sure there will be spectator parking as well so come on out and look over some interesting 80s sheet metal!


I can remember the web address but they are also on facebook if you search for it.

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That I believe is the tickets/registration page. Seems their website isn't working but the tickets page is..


Wpuld be quite the drive for you haha

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Yeah it would but I've been searching for a first gen taurus for years and years.  I found one and bought it.  I really want to hit up a car show with it.  I want to hit a car show with like minded people.  My mom used to live in Minnesota so I know a little bit around there.

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