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Hey Everyone! It Has Been Quite A While

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I debated for entirely too long on where to post this but I figured this fit since it will be mostly me talking about all the car changes i have gone through in the last year..

Apparently it has been over 11 months since I last logged on here. Which is absolutely crazy. Life kind of gets away from ya and the whole Facebook group thing has kind of taken me away from all my forums. Its been an interesting year for me that is for sure. I don't really remember where I left off on here anymore. I am going to guess it was probably shortly after I got my Legacy and started driving the Fusion. Maybe shortly before I sold my Taurus? Not sure. But the Taurus has been sold and a friend is still driving it, she has had a few issues but it is getting a lot closer to 200k these days.

The Fusion is all painted and looking so much better these days, still loving the car, haven't had many issues out of it.

The Legacy got full Outback body and suspension along with an H6 now sitting in front of the manual, this car is still not driving due to a lack of exhaust which has not been easy to find, have a few wiring things left to do as well. Got a free parts car that supplied many of the needed suspension parts.

Shortly after that parts car was scrapped I headed down to Iowa and bought a 2000 Escort ZX2 S/R which unfortunately ended up being far from what was described to me in the ad and by the previous owner. Bought it anyway at half the asking price and ended up parting it out due to rust. I was pretty sad about this, I had planned on having a fun little commuter.

After the ZX2 I took a couple months off from getting more cars until this last weekend. Found a Merkur Scorpio out in Wisconsin. Drove out there and bought it Saturday. Drove it home the 120 miles without any issues. Car runs and drives nice but has some Merkur gremlins going on that I will need to take care of. Already have the car signed up for its first car show/meet in June. Very excited. It is Chestnut Metallic (those of you that know me will know why that is significant haha) Only 108k miles, was parked for around 8 years and then driven only 50 miles in around 2 years until I bought it. 

Still have to Volvo and it is still being a turd.. Still have the Contour which hasn't been touched in entirely too long. Thunderbird got brought home this fall from my friends where it was stored, got a good deal on a fiberglass Cobra R hood for it otherwise untouched as well. Hello Cougar is in storage for the winter after having some paint work done this fall, had some clutch issues this last spring but they resolved themselves. And last but not least the good old Sable, creeping up on 4 years now since the torque converter seal went out, still have the car, made sure it still started a few months ago, runs great just doesn't move. Has some rear brake issues as well since it has been sitting for so long now. Tried to start a dash swap in November but a lack of help has prevented that from going anywhere.

really just trying to get caught up with all of these projects. Sometimes I feel like I am making progress and then things come up that either make more work or set me back further. Really going to try to get somewhere on all this this spring and summer so that I can consider a career change finally. Hope everyone here has been well, I might have to poke around a little and see what has all changed. I will try to get some pics up of some of these things I have mentioned as I can.

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