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Rear Struts question

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I have had my 98 Taurus for about 9 years now.  I am brand new to the world of car repair, so I am hoping I can receive some valuable tips from all of you.  Last weekend my rear tire blew out on the highway.  We noticed a burning rubber smell coming from the back before the tire gave out, and we realized the strut was rubbing against the top of the tire.  Is this a strut issue or the spring?


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Both of them are gonners (spring probably is broken too). Fronts are probably in the same shape. What I recommend:

Front: KYB SR4033

Rear: KYB SR4034

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Broken spring did that.


Seen it several times. (I've owned a LOT of Gen 3 SHO's).


Look up at the top of the spring, near the landing. You will definitely see the broken section, perhaps 2 breaks. This throws the rear end out of balance for camber and the tire gets into the strut formation. Very common in my rust-belt world.


Strut might be ok, but yeah, I'd change spring and strut on both sides of the rear at the least. NEVER change just one side of the rear springs.

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