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Rhea Vaughan

I think my gear box is going out!!

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Yesterday my car started yanking me from one side of the road to the other. First I thought the obvious, I just got new tires so they were kind of low. I aired them up, then I checked the lug nuts, not that either. Then on the way home it would jerk to one side and then the other, then my traction control light would start blinking for a second. It kept feeling like my traction control was malfunctioning. I pulled the fuse for the ABS. It cut that and my traction control off and still didn't work. I just put a new battery in it night before last. Thought it might even be the battery but its not. It's scary because it has yanked me towards on coming traffic more then once. Someone said it could be the gear box. Does anyone have an idea? It has 258,000 miles so I don't want to do a guessing game and start putting a lot of money in it!!

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I can see why maybe gear box if only one tire is engaging and not the other? Maybe jack the front end up, shift it in to a gear, and one tire should go forward, one should go backward as the tires both require traction to have them go forward, at least then you can see if one is moving or not. Not too good with trans issues, but I would at least try that to at least see if that part is good. I'd assume if one wheel wasn't engaging and sending all power to one end, it'd cause it to pull.

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6 hours ago, TaurusKev said:

one tire should go forward, one should go backward

This only happens with the transmission in park or the car is spinning around. I just recently had the front of my car on jack stands and both wheels turned forwards when in gear. The driver's side stopped after a minute though.

As for the matter at hand I'm thinking either a severe alignment issue or the CV joints might be binding. When you pull away from a stop does the wheel jerk to one side? Is there a thumping sound or feel during turns with the steering wheel close to the locks?

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