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Hello there!

I have a 1993 Taurus GL and I've replaced the front struts without too much of an issue but can't find a bit of information on how to remove the rear struts on Taurus's before 94 and there is a HUGE difference. I'm having trouble getting the shelf above the back seat off. I've removed the seat, popped out the black pins, and pulled the majority of it up. I can't get the area where the brake light is to release though. I also have no idea what to do after getting passed that. 

Btw, my goal in doing this is to remove the 3 bolts that hold the top of the strut on on the wheel

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We had to take the seat out and do from the top, couldn't get to the back 2 from the trunk.  Also dropped the sway bar to get the strut out so we could get the short rod out between the bracket on the strut and the end of the sway bar.

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