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I posted in the Dang Near Anything thread a little while ago and decided that I should also stick my head in here and re-introduce myself, since I have re-found the TSOC. I'm Rob aka Turbosax, former member of TCCA when the split happened, and I had a 95 Taurus SE for awhile. Since the split a lot of things have been going on. I graduated from college, found a job that wasn't in my field but at least it was something, got engaged, went back to school and got a more useful education and am now looking for a job yet again. 


Car History

In 2008 the rust was really starting to take her, so I had traded it in for a 2002 Buick LeSabre that had 64k on the clock, that whole story is maybe buried somewhere in TCCA archives, if at all. We still have that car, it is now my dad's and it has almost 160k on it and runs like a top, even with the interior starting to fall apart... In early 2015, my at the time girlfriend's (now fiancee) grandparents were looking at getting rid of their cars and consolidating, and I was given an offer I couldn't refuse. Their 2008 LaCrosse CXL with under 10k on the clock for 10 grand. I got the money together and picked it up and sold my folks the LeSabre so they could retire the conversion van we had. This is the car when I picked it up August 2014. Even with having a family of Buicks at the moment, my folks and I still love our Ford's and I am eyeing either an Escape or Fusion to replace the LaCrosse in a couple years.






Fiancee's family is from Sandusky area, so why not stop for a quick photo near the ever so lovely Cedar Point?



old and new




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