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My Experience With Jones Ford

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*Mods, can we add "resolved" at the end of the title, thanks*


I've been holding off on the mini updates while the solution was in the works.

Long and the short of it, is that Chris, the manager at Jones ultimately did what he said and repaired the work the way I wanted it done free of charge. With the holidays and all, I guess it just took longer to get done than anticipated.


I installed 24/26mm swaybars over the weekend of 1/9-1/10/16.

While I was there, with the subframe dropped, I took the opportunity to slot the shock towers

(insert the "dumbass, should done that first, yourself" post here)


Here is the plate removed and the topsode of the tower and the underside of a plate.

Clearly, they took shortcuts and broke the rear spot welds as previously hypothesized.





Using a carbide burr on an air die grinder, I opened up the caster/camber slots from 0.700" square to 0.700"x0.925".

While I was there, I used my angle grinder and a flap disk to clean up all the leftovers from when they cobbed it did the work the first time




Then, on Tuesday 1/12/16 I dropped the car back off at Jones to have them do the work properly, new plates and new windshield cowl pieces and all.

I had them leave the bare metal surfaces after welding because they got overspray f*cking everywhere last time.

Pretty ugly MIG welds, but they wont move and thats really all I was looking for. Im satisfied.

Note my sharpie lines where the plates were mounted with the stock slots, I'm glad I took more material out.





They even included touch up paint in my color that was leftover from when they painted the new plates, so I did the cleanup, priming and painting myself.



MINT! this is what I wanted.


And I was finally able to bolt my FSTB brackets on, the bar isnt in yet, havent had time to figure out how to make it clear the IMRC




Final alignment, -0.8 is the best they could do on the camber even with the additional slotting, the shock mount is literally running into the side of the shock tower, I must be lower than I thought i was....

Also, I never knew how much caster these cars had, that expains why they wear the outside edge of the front tires so hard, the more-than-stock negative camber should help combat some of that.



And the replacement cowl pieces, I asked them to be left off, so i could paint them



Thanks for playing along!


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