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Lowered Suspension Questions

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Hey guys,


Awhile back I caught a wicked deal on a set of King Lowering Springs to be used on my '06

PN: #KFRL-55, #KFFL-55.

(these are built in Australia and intended for use on Gen 3 ghias)

So i've got them sitting here and I refuse to just swap them out for my current springs (stock front, cargo coil rear) on stock 88k motorcraft struts.

I would like to replace my strut mounts, and replace my struts. 

I've read good things about KYB, and rockauto has like a fire sale on them right now so it would be a good time for me to buy.

My question is, is there any appreciable difference between the valving in a gen 3 strut and a gen 4.5 strut?

I remember reading a long time ago that the gen3 had a stiffer valving for the rear strut, but idr about the fronts.

I would prefer to buy shocks with "stiffer" valving to help control the higher spring rate springs that I will be installing.


Gen 3 strut PN: 

KYB Front : 334168

KYB Rear: 334169


Gen 4.5 strut PN: 

KYB Front: 334292(right)/ 334293(left)

KYB Rear: 334294


My next question is why are the 4.5 front struts directional and not the gen 3 ones? Obviously if the gen3's wont fit on my car, than im going to buy the 4.5 ones, but this is something I dont know.


Next is strut mounts. My fronts have seen some pretty nasty winters and I would like to replace them in case the bearings have been compromised, and I might as well do the rears too.

I can get the motorcraft front mount for a gen 3, but not the rear, and i cant find the motorcraft 4.5 ones at all.

So what would be a good aftermarket part? KYB? MOOG?


thanks for your help in advance!

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All 96-07 suspension parts are interchangeable. My experience has been that Gen 3 struts are a better match for running on stiff springs. I've had a set of the Gen 4 side-specific struts before, and it seems to only be the shape of the swaybar endlink tabs that's different.

Strut mounts should be Motorcraft if they're available, but as a second choice I've used KYB mounts in the rear. One rear mount failed under warranty- the metal studs pulled loose from the rubber mount itself after a couple thousand miles. But the other three that I've had (two sets in the rear) worked OK over about 55k total miles that I wasn't driving the '05 with it's factory original suspension.

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I have oem rear mounts new in box.

Gen 4 struts are stiffer than gen 3.

All the spring strut details are researched and posted on TaurusClub.

Kyb makes good struts. Monroe sucks on 96-07.

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you guys are the best.

I'll change up and order the gen4 struts then, and plus I feel alot more comfortable replacing Gen 4 parts with gen 4 parts.


Gonna be all kyb, except for the motorcraft front mounts that i was able to order.

If I have a problem in the future, i'll pick up those oem ones from you nick.


Mods, if you wanna lock this thread or delete it so it doesn't get opened up in 5 years by some ricer who wants to lower his grandmas sable im OK with that!

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Mods, if you wanna lock this thread or delete it so it doesn't get opened up in 5 years by some ricer who wants to lower his grandmas sable im OK with that!

Nah, Mark won't do that. :ph34r:

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