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Return Of The Ford Ranger

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Little town near me had several Chargers. They upgraded to the Expolrer. Only one cop on duty at a time and they didn't sell off the old Chargers, so they park them around town as decoys and move about once a week.

Still see State Troopers driving Chargers, but they weren't too popular around here.

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I'm not sure what it is then, but my county has gone with Chargers as the direct replacement for the Crown Victoria. I'm not sure what engines they have been ordering in them. They originally started out with a very small handful of first-gen models for traffic enforcement and at least two of them are still roaming around, then they ordered a lot of second-gen models to begin phasing out the Crown Victoria from regular service, and now they have started ordering the newest third-gen models. It seems that the second-gen models have been holding up, and with the introduction of the new, third-gen ones, I bet it will be more of the same. Those third-gens do have a problem at night though, and that is you can see the unique headlight accent from a decent distance.


Other vehicles our sheriff's office have ordered recently would be Utility Interceptors that are replacing older fleet Explorers. They're typically marked for use in community outreach programs, so seeing them is uncommon.

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Here's some photos




Illinois State Police cruisers. Looks like they have new cars, all new Tauruses, some new Chargers, and then some retired looking Crown Vics.




Zooming in, I see some old Crown Vics, and what appears to be a Gen 4 Taurus hidden behind a Crown Vic. Left corner back row.


But seeing all these new Tauruses, makes me think they are still in some demand in police service, because quite frankly, I've driven trucks over 90 Mph, it feels scary. I've driven sedans/coupes at 110, it doesn't feel scary.

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