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Weird Question- Need To Induce Cold Rough Running/stalling

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Ok, here's a weird question for everyone-


I was looking at an 02 Taurus wagon with the 3.0 12V, runs fine now (to be my secondary vehicle). However, there's a project I'm on where I need to deliberately have it be 1. Somewhat hard to start when cold, 2. Sputter and stall a lot when warming up, but 3. Be mostly fine once it is warmed up. What can I put on that will not do any long term damage to the car (in other words, put it back to ok when I'm done with the project)?




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Buy my wagon. Sorry, just could not resist. Sounds like you are setting up a shop diagnostics problem for an Industrial Arts class.

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As penance, I Googled the symptoms and found this site:


One of the respondents suggested the coolant temperature sensor would cause this problem.

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