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Further Airbag Light Questions...

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Hey Folks,


First of all, thank you for all the responses to the questions I've had about my '06 Taurus, 'Big Blue". 'Much appreciated, truly.


So, I get the idea that the airbags CANNOT do their thing when the warning light is continuously on, as is mine. So, I'm less concerned about sudden, unexpected deployment - say, going over speed-bumps or train tracks - as I am about NOT HAVING AIRBAGS able to deploy in a real smack-clang-squeal-spin emergency.


Apparently, I need to replace the Restraint/Supplemental Control Module and Crash Sensors, yes? Or no? Or what?


Can anybody give me an an idea as to what that kind of repair might generally cost?


This a very smart, friendly, informative Forum, thanks again.





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Restraint COntrol Module.  Up under the middle of the dashboard on the hump against the firewall.


And you can use one from a 2004-2007.  If you have airbags in your seats, you need a module from a car that has those.  Otherwise, if your car lacks side air bags, you need a module from a car that lacks side air bags.


Sable or Taurus does not matter.

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