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Hey Folks!


'06 Taurus w/91K. 'Runs great, smooth, quiet, 'very happy w/the car. But it had some minor front end damage - headlights broken, grill and hood rumpelled - that was all repaired before I bought it.


However, on startup, after briefly showing the 'passenger airbag disabled' message (nobody in the seat, y'see), and I then get a 'Code 13' message, ('short to ground'), which then stays on. 


My Dependable Mechanic (who I think actually is one, and from whom I bought the car) suggests that the collision sensors might be damaged, wiring might be damaged, or that he might have missed just plugging them back in properly when the repairs were made.


So my question is, is the driver's side airbag still operable at this point? 'Safety Issue, take no chances, right?


Any ideas?







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Take NO chances. I would not even drive the car with an airbag light. Several months ago I cleared an airbag code and ignored it thinking nothing would happen, and a few weeks later it came back, shortly before going over a railroad crossing at 35mph did that ^^ (also gave my passenger a concussion and the need to have their forhead stitched up from the sun visor getting ripped off and hitting them in the face)


Looks like the crash sensors and RCM need to be replaced :P

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Josh - please read the books on theory and operation.  Stop with the scary messages.


If airbag light is ON, airbags will not deploy.  it says it in there in the service manual.  


You were dumb and ignorant to reset and IGNORE your prior airbag code - that should have been a hint to you something was wrong.  So you can stop providing "help".



Original poster.  Hi Berg!


Your airbag code of 13 indicates that the Restrain Control Module is at max load. - meaning when the accident happened, it stored the data and that was it!  So...


You need to replace the restraint control module to fix your airbag issue.


If airbag light is on, on the instrument cluster, no airbags will deploy. Period.


If you have a car with airbags built into the seats, you'll need to find a module that encorporates that.  Self service yards are great for these things.  check car-part.com for compatibility.  If your car lacks aribags built into the seats, need one from a car without.  This module sits under the dashboard, ontop of the exhaust tunnel hump.

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^ I believe I did post 'help' which indeed answered his question. 

"Looks like the crash sensors and RCM need to be replaced :P


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