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Now that the car is up and running again, I'd like to pretty her up some. 

She's a 96 Sable. Not sure on the paint color. The best I can describe it is a purplish grey.

Anyway, the car is really clean inside and out.

She's spent most of her life in Arizona, so she don't have a speck of rust on her.

There's just a bit of peeling paint on the front bumper area and one vertical ding.








Any advise on fixing this would be appreciated, thanks!



I just realized that I put this in the wrong board, sorry  :pat:

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Fill, sand, and respray for the damaged part.  Then for the peeling clear coat, needs a respray only.  Figure bout $250-300 for each cover.

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I got a bra for my Thunderbird, give her the support she needs :P


But lately she's been showing off to the world :lol:

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I think Ford may have used the work "graphite" to indicate a color that changes with lighting. My car is Graphite Blue and some days it looks teal, some days it looks bright blue!

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Here's the colors for 1996. Also, wow I was right on the "Charcoal Grey" part. Been a while since I looked at this chart!


A lot of people have mistaken the Charcoal Grey cars for Rose Mist cars, it's easy to tell the difference once you see a Rose Mist, however they're pretty similar due to the purple hue that the Charcoal Grey has.

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Charcoal Grey:



Rose Mist:

Hmmmm, nothing else that's close to what I can see in your pics has the option of the "Grey Violet" purple interior. 

EDIT: I just saw your door tag picture, we can cross Rose Mist off of the list, it's paint code is "GK" 

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Oh I know it's not Rose Mist, It's not that bright.

It's that Grey Violet color inside and out.




It's hard to keep the dirt out as I live at the end of a dirt road. She was pretty clean when I got her.

Anyway, thanks again for the help, now I know what color It is.

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