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So I finally attempted first car repair since the baby was born (May 31). The Taurus was unused since I noticed an over heated right front brake rotor a month ago. I ordered a rebuilt caliper, and finally installed it today. With a smile on my face after my install, I went for a drive. The smile quickly turned as the smell of burning brake pad made its way into the cabin-again. Here's the details-I was not able to bleed the brakes with my Mity-Vac bleeder, I could not suck any fluid from the reservoir. I bled them by pressing the pedal, which worked. This has never happened before. No fluid drained due to gravity when the caliper was disconnected, which surprised me. Both left and right front rotors were very hot after the drive. The right side smelled, but it's also new pads. The car feels sluggish, and barely moves forward with brakes released at idle(not a transmission problem). So, what could cause the brake pressure to not release? ABS pump, master cylinder(only a few years old), brake booster, some kind or proportioning valve? Brakes work fine, pedal feels normal, car is OK except for this issue. Any thoughts? I did a brief search, no useful results. I have less time to spend on cars (surprise, surprise) than I used to, so help would be appreciated!

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Some searching of the internet yields that it may be the rubber hoses internally failing and restricting flow. I would not have guessed that. Anyone have experience with this?

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Yes. It's common up north. I'd get a new hose

Thanks Nick. Funny thing is I bought a hose along with the caliper, but decided not to risk damage to the hard line from corrosion since the hose looked perfect. I'll change the hose and try to bleed all 4 corners with the vacuum bleeder to see if everything else is OK.
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