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Whoosh For Sale

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I have a friend over on the V8SHO.com email list a few of you probably know. Carter Fujibayashi (sp?)


Anyhow, Carter is selling his Supercharged 1997 SHO. It needs love and it needs more than the average shadetree mechanic.


Here is his for sale post -


I have come to point where I can no longer take care of the issues that are common on these two.

 The red car runs and has been my daily-driver for the last 3 years but the air quit last year for good without firewall forward replacement it will not operate again.

 The football went out earlier this year taking the radio/CD/cassette down and rendering the temperature /vent controls useless. I ended up bypassing the heater core and pulling the blower fuse to keep the heat out of the cabin which was coming out of the defrost vents  at full-fan speed.

The transmission has never worked right from the first day I owned it: When coming to a stop it more often then not drop out if gear and will only engage if you physically select 2 then after it clunks place back into D. Same procedure to get reverse.
Just the last couple of weeks when it was cool in the morning it acted like it needed a "choke" and would barely start moving unless given full throttle.
On the plus side it has new call joints, outer tie rods one new front hub assembly, brakes and tires are less then 6 months old.

As for Whoosh, I I haven't started her in 3 years now. The transmission went out 5 years ago. I had a unit I got up on Buffalo rebuilt and put it together with the engine on the subframe but never completed the installation into the car as I couldn't locate the high speed idler pulley for the lower wrap on the jackshaft to the Vortec. Lots of modifications have been done to this car in addition to the supercharger.   

I'm full at 5 V8 SHO's or I would definitely like in on this deal.
Anyhow, post if interested, I'm sure I could get you in contact with Carter.


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