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Struts & Links All The Way Around

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I did a lot of research over the past few weeks after realizing I need struts all the way around.  Car just broke 100k.  Read end is sagging, and hitting bumps makes it evident that the springs are weak. 

So, I've found that it's either KYB or Monroe for the pre-packaged struts.  Saw a posting regarding the cargo coils which had my attention until I saw Monroe sells the taxi package.  So, I think that's what I'm settled on. 

One of the weird issues I came across is the terminology for the sway bar links.  Some call them end links, other's stabilizer links, and others sway bar links.  I figured it out.  The weirder thing was how it's not common to find the rear stab links mentioned.  Everyone mentions the fronts, but not the rears.  No biggie.

So, the following is the parts I'll be using on this job:

Monroe #271616 (rear)- $136.87 ebay
Monroe #171615 (front)- $114.98 Amazon
Moog K8735 Sway Bar Link Kit-$26.76
Moog K8734 Sway Bar Link Kit-$28.69
(2) Moog K700541 Sway Bar Link Kit $11.57 Amazon

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Gabriel also makes ready struts for this application. They are usually a little cheaper than Monroes. However nearly all of Monroes north american offerings are manufactured in the USA In my hometown, Paragould, Arkansas. My Gabriels came from China, but they were in my budget at the time. Definitely replace the rear springs.

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