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2002 Taurus Wagon U was giving me all kinds of tune up problem. Go through all of that and deciided a new belt woudl finish off the project. Put a new Dayco belt on and with in a day thought the engine was gonna jump out of the car. SQUEAL to the point I was embarrased to drive the car! Did some research and found that the Dayco belts are known to squeal, even new out of the box. Say multiple posts about Goodyear Gatorback belts (also sold under the brand name Continental). One problem, can't find ANYONE that sells them. Turned to Amazon and for $40, second day delivery, got the Gatorback belt. Instant QUIET ! Amaized that two new belts, one squeal, one quiet. Hard to find, but I highly recommend the Goodyear Gatorback!

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Yeah. The dayco belts actually say "quiet" on them but they are loud as hell

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