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No Sound From Rear Deck Speakers Of 2009 Sable, What Gives?

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Hello...I have a 2009 mecury sable.  I recently blew the rear deck speakers and have since replaced them.  Since installing the new speakers I get no audio from either speaker.  All my connections are right and tight, checked and recehecked.  Additionally, I have checked the fuses in the passenger compartment as well as under the hood.  All are good.  Im thinking that there may be a amplifier somewhere in the car that I can not find that may have a blown fuse.  Can anyone help are know someone who had a similar issue.  Additionally, I have the six speaker set up that is connected to the micrsoft sync system.



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The rear deck does not have speakers. They are two 6x9 subwoofers. A full range speaker will not work since there is a high pass filter in that signal to only allow the lowest frequencies.


Turn your bass down and when you hear distortion turn it down even more or turn down the volume. Distortion is literally the speakers ripping themselves apart. Those subwoofers are great but they can't handle a lot of volume with high bass levels because they're tiny and oval shaped.

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