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Have Your Turn Signals Illuminate With Brakes (Gen 3 Or Any Wagon)

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Also known as the Gen 3 "Taillight Mod"
The resulting mod will give you this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNIaHTWJtH8
This mod will put a brake light on your turn signal bulb, which on a 1996/1997 Taurus has an amber lens.

This mod should only be performed on a vehicle with tail-lights which have all-red lenses.


Any taillights off a similar shape vehicle will swap with yours, they just bolt right on. If you have a 1996/1997, you'll need to swap newer lights onto your vehicle before completing this modification. (Taurus Sedans 1996-97 use 1998-99 lights, All Wagons 1996-97 use 1998-2005 lights)

This mod basically consists of jumping a wire from your Brake On/Off ("BOO") switch to your Multi-Function Switch ("MFS") (Turn Signal Stalk). You are sending an input from the BOO that tells the MFS to illuminate the turn signals when you hit the brakes.
Instructions for a Gen 3 Sedan below:

First, remove the column cover. Put in your key and turn it to "run". Stick a pin in the indicated hole and pull the ignition cylinder out. Then you need to unscrew a phillips headed screw from each of the three other holes. Then simply pull the bottom half down and off and the top half up and off. Careful of the shifter (if you have a column shift) and the lever to adjust the column.

Next remove the MFS switch. There are two torx headed screws.

Pull this connector off (careful with the clips that hold it on) and then pop the red cover off. It is simple, just use a flat headed screwdriver. This is the plug where the wire goes. (if you have the factory clip on a wire, you can just stick it in there from the other side.)

Feed it down the bundle of wires to near the brake pedal and splice it with this wire:


Instructions for a Station Wagon below:

First, remove the knee panel below the steering column, you need to remove the two gold bolts on the underside (one next to OBD-II plug and one to the right about 10-inches), then pull out at the top where there is a tab in each corner holding it on.


Find the wiring harness running down the left side of the steering column that goes to the MFS. Splice a 1-foot long wire onto the thin Red w/ Green Stripe wire.

Run your new wire down the brake pedal (making sure it's not going to get caught in the brake pedal or steering mechanisms!!!)


...and splice it with the Red w/ Green Stripe wire on the BOO switch (The wires on your BOO switch may be thicker or thinner, it's not a problem):


Tada! You've completed a mod! Now just put it all back together so the rest of the forum doesn't complain that your car is in pieces.




DISCLAIMER: This modification may include steps that leave your lights rendered illegal in some areas of the country. TSOC is not liable for any consequences incurred from not following this write-up cautiously. Brake lights AND/OR running lights in all states may ONLY illuminate red, turn signals in all states may illuminate red or amber. This mod should only be completed on 1998/1999 style taillights that have all-red lenses. YOU, as the reader, are responsible for making sure your vehicle is following state and local laws.

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Not yet! I'm not sure if the wiring is the same on the Gen 4, so I have to do some more research. If it turns out to be possible, I will!!!

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I did this on my 99 SHO but I also put a sequential turn signal module on it.The only thing is you have to modify the turn signal relay to make it blink slower

http://i933.photobucket.com/albums/ad171/fordtaurus/1999%20Taurus%20SHO/100_1359_zps549b70fe.jpg the blue capacitor is what I replaced to make it blink slower

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So I'm attempting this mod on my wagon. Problem is there is already a wire in the slot I need to use on the MFS. It is a red wire with green stripe. One wire on the BOO are red with green stripe. Not sure if it's the same wire. The other is green with red stripe. Any suggestions?

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The thing is I need to run a wire from MFS-pin #9 to the BOO. Both locations have a wire that is the same color, leading me to think they are already connected.

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The thing is I need to run a wire from MFS-pin #9 to the BOO. Both locations have a wire that is the same color, leading me to think they are already connected.


If they were already connected, wouldn't all 4 of your tails be brakes too?

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This may be a long shot.... but I am now thinking that Sedans got different brake switches than Wagons... when I look in the wiring diagram it shows a different shaped connector, and when I search parts online, it says some are sedan-specific... am I crazy?

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GOT IT!!! After several hours examining wiring diagrams and tracing wires on the car, I have absolutely no idea how the car is wired.


I used some alligator clips to jump MFS Pin 9 and the BOO Switch, and it worked!!!


So I just spliced a jumper wire between the two, and voila!






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