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So I Picked Up A Bmw... :)

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So on February 5th, I hung up the SHO for a while. It got to the point of Im tired of fighting the costly seesaw battle of being a project and daily driver. That, and the hub seal is ready to blow completely. So, at my new job, I and a friend of mine were talking, and he came right out and asked "dude, you want the BMW?"


i couldnt say yes fast enough. So for $650.00, and some hassling with paperwork, I brought this home:















Since date of purchase, ive tracked down parts to fix it, including a new decklid, as well as other parts like a glovebox, front drivers headlight bracketry, and other miscellaneous bits and pieces. hope to have this girl for a long time!



also, thought about giving her a name as well. Its a girl, and Shes full blooded german. blonde hair and blue eyes. anyone got any ideas besides Helga? lol


What yall think??


$had3 :ford::merc::Shady_J: 

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Now, some noted issues:

  • needs a throttle position sensor. will be here tomorrow, on payday
  • needs to have the famous E34 twisted seat cure performed. that will be handled shortly. seat is out of the car for now
  • has a pretty bad hunting idle. hoping the TPS and cleaning the intake will fix this
  • needs an oil change
  • needs a trunklid, pass taillight entire assembly
  • needs both bumpers
  • needs drivers front fender
  • needs a new Aftermarket radio that has an Aux port

I picked up a set of half worn Goodyear Eagle GT's for it. also the P.O. told me the car sits on newer 02-05 7 series 14 spoke rims. 18x8, and they currently wear a 245/40/R18. Damn. the Eagle GT's are 225/45/ZR18, so they ought to do quite well. 


the rims will go black as well as a few other bits and pieces, and i need to either paint the roof black or repaint and clear the factory gold. horrendous clearcoat failure, but just up there. decisions, decisions. Lol. 



$had3 :ford::merc::Shady_J:

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You bought that to keep repair costs down? Hmmm. Find good aftermarket parts sources and sites first thing. Buy the manual-I guess it's Bently for BMW. Understand that they do things differently than anybody else, so working on them requires a different mindset-follow the procedure and you may find they were pretty smart. Try to guess and you'll be cursing. I've been able to keep Audi's going for costs similar to other makes. Once it's up to speed enjoy it.

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That's the trick with a German car - if you want to own one out of warranty - better to do your own work.  Otherwise, unless you are making super big bucks, it's going to cost and be painful.


I rmeember riding around in a 5 series of that era when I was a kid - friends Mom had one.  Those are NICE riding/driving cars when the suspension is all done correctly.  That 5 series and the one that followed were probably some of the best they ever made in terms of handling, ride and control.  

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