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2016 Focus Rs Is Coming To The U.s.

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I think this car will appeal better to buyers of the WRX and STI, because the new Impreza seems much more grown up and longer than before.  People who buy the WRX and STI want a small car with mean and gaudy looks and lots of power, that's why the "Bug Eye" cars are so popular.  The new Impreza looks too much like the Legacy, they look like they share the exact same headlights.

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The WRX and STi ARE the Impreza...


I know this, but they are considered independent models.  When you see one you don't say "there is a Impreza WRX" you just call it a WRX.


They have the Impreza, the WRX, and the WRX STI.


Something that Ford needs to work on for their performance cars, especially the boat they call the SHO.  Similar to what Ford has done with the Raptor. 


My point being the new platform that the Impreza line is built on just looks too mature for the WRX and STI trim. I saw one the other day with big wide rally mudflaps and it looked terrible, where as the older body styles look great dressed up with all sorts of junk like that.

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I'm excited for this car. I love the Fiesta/Focus ST. I love how its going to make more power then the EcoBoost Mustang. I can't wait to drive one. Will be harder to get my hands on then a Focus/Fiesta ST but will be doable I do hope. I hope they make more then the last Focus RS. I have a feeling these will be tough to find though.


I'm loving the advanced torque vectoring (basically uses brake force traction control to brake wheels to help the car corner better), and how it can, in theory send nearly 100% of its power to one wheel if it really wants to. It will brake the inside front wheel and put extra power to the outside rear wheel on turns. 30/70 front rear max split. Loving it. Can't wait for the AWD system on the new SHO to be like that....

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