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While I was at work, my car got parking lot clipped by a car backing up at some odd angle. I figured it out almost as it happened because I was working the drive through and the person at the speaker was waiting for the line to move, and I heard, "Ooh, she just hit that car... Sir, you need to let whoever drives the red Crown Victoria (lol) know their car just got hit."


I told them it was my car, and quickly had someone cover for me while I went outside. I felt anxious at first, but I just kept cool since it wasn't bad and s**t happens. It not that bad, it just looked worse than it was at first. We exchanged info, but still contacted the police just to have a recorded incident report. The Marquis is going to need some minor cosmetic work, so it might be going in sometime soon.


Photos at work:





At home:









Yes, the car is dirty, except for the area where it got hit. I just washed, polished, and waxed that area to protect the finish there for now, and see what was out of whack.


From what I can tell, the impact strips did a good job protecting the door, and took the brunt of the impact, so they'll need repainting as the finish got scraped off. The area above the strip has some scratches in the clear coat and needs to get hit with a buffer to take them out. The door has a shallow dent/crease that you can feel and see, it just didn't show up well in the photos (should be easily popped out). Finally, the dogleg is a bit pushed in, but should be able to get pulled out. I'll be in touch with my insurance company tomorrow regarding the incident.

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