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Anyone Still Doing Carfax Requests?

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Howdy folks...long story short...we're about to expect an addition to the family this coming June if all goes well, and I can only fit one car seat in my daily driver (the wife drives the Taurus, I drive a 35 year old Ford Courier).  Life would be significantly easier if we had two Tauruses (Tauri?) in the driveway, that way we could transport the kiddos back and forth to daycare and Grandma/Grandpa's without doing a tremendous amount of vehicle shuffling and/or meeting in various places to hand off cars.  Furthermore, I now have a decent amount of knowledge and parts that I can leverage to keep both cars running.  Especially thanks to my friends here on TSOC!  


I believe I've found a fine example for reasonable cost that should give us reliable transportation, but I still should get a CarFax on it before considering it further.  If anyone has an unlimited account, could you please help us with a CarFax?


This should be a 1997 Ford Taurus with no accident history and Southern ownership all its life, therefore no (or little) rust.


Thanks in advance for any help you could provide...this forum has really been a lifesaver lately.  :notworthy:



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Got one...not CarFax, but Experian.  From what I understand, Experian has access to databases that CarFax does not.


In the interest of "paying it forward", I'd like to make this service available on a limited basis.


If you have a CarFax request, but would be OK with an Experian request, post up and I'll see if I can run it for you.

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